Ayurveda and wellness have always been associated for many years. A healthy diet influences the body, so it does the skin. Therefore, this age-old wisdom has many secrets and knowledge to skincare and bodycare. We've got some ayurvedic secrets to share if you are looking for ayurvedic herbs for glowing skin and getting a healthy lifestyle. 

Herbs for glowing skin : Benefits of Ayurveda for skincare 

herbs for glowing skin


While beneficial for all skin types and body types, Ayurveda has a solution for all. While eating healthy and maintaining a good skin care regimen goes a long way, it is not enough! So a healthy diet and ingredients used in skincare serve nutritional skin benefits. While are the advantages and reasons you should use natural herbs for glowing skin

Balances Vata, Pitta, and Kapha 

According to Ayurveda, the doshas need to be balanced to preserve and rejuvenate healthy skin. Each individual is said to have a unique ratio of each dosha in their body, and they define their Ayurvedic constitution. Hence, using natural skincare balances the tridoshas and gives peaceful well-being. 

Gives Youthful Skin 

Ayurveda prophesies the balance of well-being using natural ingredients and herbs. Therefore, natural ingredients give your skin a natural glow and youthful appearance without disrupting your natural mechanism. 

Herbs for glowing skin : 5 Amazing herbs for radiating glow! 

herbs for glowing skin


Your skin feels good when it gets natural skincare instead of chemical ones. Therefore, it is vital to know about the herbs for glowing skin to get amazing skin without any toxins. Here are some of the ingredients to look for in ayurvedic skincare so that your skin can benefit from the goodness of natural ingredients and solve skin issues without any haste. 

Gotukola - For Anti-Aging 

Being well-known for age-defying properties and giving youthful skin, Gotukola is best suited for all skin types that treat infections, give glowing skin, reduces acne, pigmentation, and many more. Also known as the "herb of longevity," this natural Ayurvedic herb for skin tightening has fantastic benefits. If you face skin issues such as wrinkles, acne, oily skin, blackheads, and pores, Gotu kola relieves all kinds of skin issues, giving clear and healthy skin. 

What's Best: Purifying Neem & Gotukola Facewash by Inveda gives a deeply cleansed face with virtues of ayurvedic goodness. 

Kumkumadi - Giving Golden Glow 

As Ayurveda delivers vigor to skin and soul, Kumkumadi is one sacred element that provides multiple advantages to the skin. Kumkumadi term is commonly known as Saffron or Kesar, which lightens skin tone and is rich in anti-oxidants. Kumkumadi is often used in its oil, also known as Kumkumadi Tailam, which is extracted under the direction of ayurvedic texts to get the pure benefits of this product. Loaded with Skin whitening & brightening properties, this herb for skin whitening gives your skin a smooth and bright look through the addling glow. 

What's Best: With so many options available in the market to love kumkumadi with, Inveda Kumkumadi Tailam Face Oil is best for all skin types to prevent 9 skin issues. 

Rose - Heals skin and Deeply Nourishes 

Roses are more than just LOVE! Always known for lovers' ode, this natural ingredient is loaded with hydration and soothing properties. A natural anti-oxidant and healer, roses help you to power your facial skin cells that give young skin and a hydrated glow. Potent in cell-regeneration, the rose offers many benefits for all skin types to provide the anti aging benefits that one looks for. If your skin is looking for tender care and the help of natural anti-oxidants, get rose-infused skincare products that work amazingly!

What's Best: Gently cleanse your skin with Rose & Pachouli face cleanser curated with roses for gentle clean. Moisturize your skin with the goodness of Feel Better Blend. Which is a natural extract of rose oil to boost roses' benefits. 

Turmeric- Soothes Inflammation for Glowing Skin 

Known for its holistic healing effects, turmeric is a revered ingredient that soothes, heals, and calms skin. Packed with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this ingredient is best for acne-prone skin and people suffering from inflammation. Turmeric hinders melanin production, the pigment liable for dark spots and other kinds of hyperpigmentation. With everyday use, a turmeric-based skincare product can help these scars fade away naturally to give skin a more even-toned appearance!

What's Best: Get rid of pigmentation and dark spots with Inveda Whitening cream made with lemon & turmeric that gives a natural glow and moisturization. 

Coconut- Anti-Bacterial and Imparts Moisturization 

Extracted from coconuts, coconut oil is naturally anti-bacterial in nature. Using coconut oil in daily skincare gives healthy, smooth skin. It is not only limited to skin, but it also helps reduce hairfall, dandruff, and scalp issues. From being a natural moisturizer to removing make-up, coconut oil is an all product that works efficiently to give many benefits. 

What's Best: Get the wholesomeness of Inveda Organic Coconut Oil which also acts as a carrier oil for needed oils. Made with natural extracts of coconuts, Inveda's coconut oil is best for skin, hair, and the body. 

Key Takeaways...


Ayurveda skincare has the utmost benefits to your skin and body, making life synergized and equal. From natural product to ayurvedic herbs for glowing skin that have boosing benefits, taking care of oneself comes first. So as Ayurveda commonly talks about the goodness of the natural product. It is wise to use the skin care that comes from such best product. As many brands in the market sell natural cosmetics and skin care. One should do by research to choose the right brand to get the best out of your investment. 

Inveda is an Indian-origin brand that gives holistic solutions to your skin issues. From acne to hyperpigmentation, dry skin to combination, it has the best products for all. Therefore, using natural skin care, i.e., Ayurveda-inspired, is help to the skin and provides wellness from within. Balance your Vata, Pitta, and Kapha with skin care that works for your and gives healthy, clear & glowing skin that shines with INVEDA!