Want to remove dark circles? Are you a victim of those unwanted dark circles & puffy eyes? If yes then don’t hide those beautiful eyes. In detail remove dark circles & puffy eyes with best natural remedies overnight. 

“DARK CIRCLES- a tale of two eyes that never lie”

Firstly learn about the root cause of your issue. Because some remedies work at a certain point & others do not. So, don’t worry, here are the remedies which are capable of evading in curing the gloomy circles & inflated eyes with twinkling results. 

Did you know the root cause of dark circles? Let’s take a look!

1. Lack of Sleep 

The popular belief is that not getting enough sleep leads to dark circles. Lack of sleep also contributes to causing puffy eyes & dull & tired skin. Additionally, getting 8 hours of sleep is a must to relax the muscles. 

2. Overexposure to the sun 

Another root cause which is I guess a victim behind every skin issue. Due to sun exposure the body starts producing melanin & excessive pigment deposition and as a result, dark circles appear. 

3. Deficiency of Minerals & Vitamins 

Basically, Puffy eyes & dark circles are usually caused by lack of vitamins & hydration. Moreover, the simple & the lasting solution is to take a proper diet & drink water for proper hydration. 

4. Skin Allergies 

Generally, there are some sought of Skin allergies enlarge the blood vessels & increase water retention that causes puffy eyes. So, stay away from processed foods & supplements which help in occurring dark circles. 

Best Remedies to Remove Dark Circles & Puffy eyes overnight 

1. Cucumber

Additionally, cucumber is a well known refreshing agent for the heroine in Bollywood. Because of astringent properties it effectively targets the skin cells and is highly capable of fixing those gloomy eyes. 


  • Firstly, cut the slice of Cucumber & place them over both the eyes & relax for 15-20 min.
  • You can also grate the cucumber & apply the juice directly on the eyes for procuring better results.  

2. Tomatoes

Engrossed with numerous beauty benefits and an ample approach to lighten dark skin. Because of having Lycopene Enzyme & natural bleaching properties in tomatoes, it help in lightening the skin & beneficial in protecting the skin from damage. 


  • Take a plumpy tomato & extract juice out of it, apply the juice all over the dark circles & relax for 15 min. 
  • Rinse it with lukewarm water 
  • Apply Inveda’s Under Eye Cream brimming with the goodness of Ashwagandha & GotuKola just after applying tomatoes, to treat dark circles & puffy eyes. 

3. Potatoes

Potatoes own starch & bleaching properties that help in reducing the appearance of dark circles, soothes the puffy eyes making skin soft & supple. 


  • Take a potato & grate it, Squeeze the juice out of the grated potato.
  • Dip cotton ball in the juice & apply over the dark circles, leave it overnight 
  • Store the juice in the refrigerator for future use. 

4. Almond Oil

Prosperous source of Vitamin E can be used to treat this trouble. Reverse the process by applying oil beneath your eyes because applying this magical emollient is a great way to get rid of dark circles & puffy eyes.  


  • Take 2-3 drops of Almond oil & massage gently & leave it overnight. Fresh twinkling eyes are just a few steps away. 

5. Aloe Vera Gel

Loaded with a plethora of skin benefits. It’s soothing properties nourish the damaged cells & pigments & makes skin healthier & bright. 


  • Apply Aloe Vera gel over the issue & leave it for 10-15 min. 
  • Leave it overnight & wash it with cold water. 

6. Green tea Bags

Don’t throw the leftover tea bags after consuming green tea because it contains tannins which have astringent properties. Green Tea bags constrict the blood vessels & reduce puffiness of the eyes. 


  • Consume Green tea & put the bags in the refrigerator for 5 min. 
  • Keep both the bags over your eyes for 10-15 min. & then wash your face with Coldwater for fresh skin

7. Turmeric

The oldest Ingredient of every kitchen has a Curcumin compound best for enhancing glow & melanin. It treats dark circles & dark patchy skin tremendously.


  • Previously, mix half spoon turmeric with vitamin E oil & apply the mixture beneath the eyes. 
  • Secondly, massage the eyes with right strokes & pressure 
  • Leave it for 15 min. then wash it off with normal water
  • Also, repeat the process twice to abolish dark circles. 

8. Olive Oil

Basically, Olive oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids that hydrates the dead cells & rejuvenate by removing dark patches. 


  • Firstly, take sufficient oil & massage it in a circular motion
  • Secondly, keep it overnight for the best-desired results

Above are some of the overnight remedies which provides instant results to remove dark circles & if you find remedies beneficial do comment below & share your experience with us as soon as possible.