Oily skin is one of the irritated things that happens to someone. It’s very hard to keep your skin clean always so we need a face pack for oily skin. There’s a motivation behind why face packs are shorthand for self-care especially for oily skin. If you are also finding the face pack for oily skin then find on the grounds that they truly work. To capitalize on a mask, however, you need to pick one that takes into account your composition.

On the off chance that your skin type is oily, you’ll need a cover that offers a genuine hydration help. As per Inveda recommendations, an Ayurvedic rich ingredient helps you to sucks out oil and infuse oxygen to breathe and offers the best face pack for oily skin.

So the point is how to find the best face pack for oily skin? Let’s learn here!


First of all understand the question why oily skin happens?

Basically in a medical term oily skin known as “seborrhea”, caused by production of excessive sebum. It turns your skin to look greasy and shiny. As we hit puberty, hormones start changing. So, due to the excess of androgens some people are struck with this shiny appearance.

Now the thing is what to choose? Additionally, people suggested going for the best face wash and cream but my dear sweet fellows, face pack is equally important for your skin to pull out the grime and junk at least two times in a week.

Let’s have some DIY Masks for your Oily Skin


1. Banana Face Mask

One of the soothing ingredients which is easily available at home is none other than banana which helps your oily skin and pulls out the excess oil.

You have to do nothing like just mash a ripe banana with 1 tbsp of honey and apply directly to the face and wash it after 20 min.

Oily skin irritates a lot but a honey banana mask serves as the best face pack for oily skin in summer.

2. Oatmeal Face Pack

If you want a perfect oil clear skin then must include oatmeal to your routine. A combination of oatmeal with egg white and honey is great in exfoliating dead skin cells and sebum from deep clogged pores.

You just need – 2 tbsp oatmeal + 1 egg white + 1 tbsp. Honey

How to use

Firstly, mix all the ingredients in a clean bowl,

Secondly, apply the face mask to the face neck and leave it for 15 min,

Later on, wash it off with normal water, pat dry

Tip – Apply Anti acne blend at night to get rid of breakouts.

3. Orange Peel Powder Mask

Another ingredient which is great for your skin is orange peel. Moreover, you can even make your own powder by drying and grinding orange peels. Also it’s having great astringent with great cleansing properties. It instantly dries out the acne and ensures a happy healthy skin.

What you have to do is, take 1 tbsp. orange peel powder + ½ tbsp. fuller’s earth aka multani mitti and required rose water to obtain a paste

How to use

Firstly, mix all the things and then apply the paste in an upward direction and sweetie, don’t laugh after the application,

Leave it for 15 min,

Later on, wash it off with normal water and feel the smooth texture on your own.

Additionally, you can even add glycerine and aloevera gel to your masks as they are the supporting humectant with a quick retaining, calming fixing property and that attracts water to the top layer of your skin, making a smoother, less flaky appearance & help to mend and light up skin. Whichever mask(s) you pick, for best outcomes, you have to be very particular about the skin routine and for a healthy skin schedule, you have to apply pack 2 times a week.  

Since you’re up to speed on what makes an A+ face pack for oily skin, continue to look for a couple of our faves. Reasonable admonition that you might need to add more than one to your truck.

We have a shot sure packs and masks for your delicate oily skin. Without a second thought visit inveda.in and checkout the best face packs for oily acne prone skin. As all the products are served with the best Ayurvedic herbal ingredients without a single particle of chemical stuff.


1. Glow Face Pack

Inveda’s Glow brightening face pack for sparkling flawless skin generally clears the dead skin, pimples, obstructed pores bringing about new, clear and brilliant shiny looking skin. Glow Face Pack isn’t simply an economical option in contrast to the ones accessible on the lookout yet additionally, without any harmful chemical substance.  Regular use makes skin supple, oil free and glossy.

Just apply the face pack 2 times in a week and achieve oil free perfect skin in no time.

2. Swarnabha Detan Ubtan

Inveda’s De Tan Face Ubtan eliminates all the dullness, oil and tanning from your skin brought about by the sun and gives you a brilliant and sparkling skin quickly. Also, De Tan Ubtan pulls out profound established microorganisms and debasements from pores and the mix of “Rama Tulsi and Laung” successfully treats dim spots, tan and redness and gives you hydrated, supported and tan free, light complexion.

3. Kanti Kaya Whitening Ubtan

The remarkable recipe of Kanti-Kaya Ubtan for face brightening begins its cycle by eliminating microbes and profound established contaminations from pores, and revives your skin by treating every dim fixes and flaws without drying and gives solid unblemished light complexion.

It builds Collagen development to improve versatility and recharges your skin making it delicate and graceful. Ubtan for face brightening is an enemy of microbial properties that assists with forestalling skin contaminations like skin inflammation and pimples.

How to use-

Step 1- Apply a thin layer on moist skin & keep it for 15-20 min

Step 2- Rinse it off with water

Use twice a week


Above are the best remedies with shot sure solutions for you. Adopt the best face pack for your skin and help your skin to look oil and pimple free. Till then stay safe and keep glowing!