Girls love long hair but the only problem which almost every girl faces is the hair problem. One of the basic hair issue is none other than split ends. Here we can learn some best home remedies for split ends. Before beginning with home remedies for split ends, we need to understand the root cause behind split ends which will help us in getting rid of this problem. Basically, this problem is due to lack of moisture or nourishment in hair.

Some other factors which are responsible for the existence of split ends are-

1. Blow drying

2. Chemicals in the shampoos

3. Colouring of hair

4. Irregular or late hair trimming

5. Damage due to sun, rain, pollution.

6. Hair treatments like curling or straightening of hair.

Now let us find out home remedies for split ends which can help us in getting rid of it

1. Eat a healthy diet-

Diet plays an important role in our lives. The nutrients which we get from the food contribute towards the well-being of each and every part of our body. Our hair also requires loads of vitamins, iron and proteins for better growth. This requirement is fulfilled only by eating proper food at a proper time. Diet is the best solution for how to get rid of split ends without cutting hair.

Some foods that are good for our hair are-

Eggs Green Leafy vegetable Oranges and lemons Walnuts and almonds Carrots and beetroots.

2. Hydrate enough-

Hydration is the best split end repair therapy. Everybody part requires lots of water for the proper functioning of the body. H2O satisfies the needs of our body by carrying and supplying all the important nutrients within the body. Water has traces of minerals which need to our body. I think this is the best hair treatment for split ends.

3. Regular conditioning-

Conditioning is the only way which can nourish our hair properly. There are many leave-in conditioners available in the market these days which is used for deep conditioning of our hair. You can leave the conditioner in your hair after the shampoo and let it nourish your hair for the entire day. Best leave-in conditioner for split ends is Shine & Hold Conditioner by Inveda

4. Nourish with Oil massage-

Oil massage considers being the best way to nourish the scalp and hair roots since ages. Oil provides the dry end treatment by nourishing it with the best potion. It recommends even by experts for various hair problems. Split ends can also encounter by massaging oil into the scalp. The best oils for the massage are here below. These oils are rich in protein, vitamin e and biotin. These are easily available and do not require lots of money. Oils are also used in many home remedies for hair breakage and split ends.

i. Argan Oil

ii. Coconut Oil

iii. Olive Oil

iv. Jojoba Oil

5. Hair masks-

Hair masks also consist of the best hair treatment for split ends. Variety of Hair masks are available in the market for the nourishment of hair. But I suggest you- use natural hair masks as natural ingredients can provide the required nutrients easily. Try using the following masks to make your hair healthy. Avoid split hair removal machine. It damages the hair and makes hair more dry and prone to damage.

Some best home remedies for split ends are hair with natural hair masks

i. Banana Mask-

Mash a banana and add little honey and milk to it. Cover your hair with this paste. Rinse after 15-20 minutes.

ii. Avocado-

This fruit has all the powers to keep our hair happy. It enriches with important nutrients like vitamin A, D and E. Mash one avocado and adds an oil of your choice to it (preferably coconut or olive oil). Apply the paste and leave it for 25-30 minutes. Rinse with water

iii. Cream-

Cream is another remedy that can treat split ends. Take a tablespoon of cream and mix it in a cup of milk. Apply the mixture all over your hair and let it remain for 15 minutes. Rinse it off with water and shampoo.

Try these natural remedies and get sure shot rid of split ends. Keep Smiling. Keep Glowing.