Does your hair crave more hydration and nutrition, or is it frizzy? There are many reasons for frizzy hair, and one of the primary reasons can be linked to your hair health. From styling it every day to just an average updo. Your hair suffers damage and is entitled to frizzy hair solutions. 

Here are easy solutions to get naturally healthy hair just at home!

Surprising Reasons that cause Frizzy Hair


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Fizziness is caused by dry hair that lacks moisture. Ironically, damp, wet weather worsens frizzy hair and causes it to dry out more. There are many reasons for hair to dry out and get frizzy. Here are reasons for frizzy hair that can worsen your hair. 

Prolonged sun exposure

YES! Sun exposure to hair for a more extended period can cause frizz and damage. And this is the reason why people prefer wearing hats during summer. Staying out in the sun can damage your cuticles; it can cause split ends and fizziness to your hair, making it dry, damaged, and lifeless. 

Using harsh chemical-based hair products

We all admit that using deep conditioners and shampoos promotes hair shine and repairs the damage. In reality, sulfates and parabens in the shampoo damage your hair and make it drier. People these days bleach their natural hair and do various treatments to their hair to look good. But in actuality, they damage their hair more and make it susceptible to damage. 

Washing hair in hot water

So washing hair in hot water stresses the scalp and causes more hair fall. It also strips away natural oils from lengths and causes more damage. Therefore, it is advised to wash hair in cold or lukewarm water to maintain the hair's natural pH. 

High-temperature heat styling tools

When one of the primary mistakes people admit to is using styling tools every day! Yes! From blow-drying to straightening, these hair tools damage your hair more than you can imagine! Using hair styling tools less frequently and using heat protection on strands can lessen the damage but not reverse it. Also, hair serums and mousse that prevent hair damage are mainly used to avoid hair issues in the future and to reduce the heat damage caused by hair styling tools. 

Over washing hair

Have you ever heard of the term "OVERWASHING" for your hair? Well, there it is! So ideal hair wash should be twice in weeks and three times at most (for oily scalp owners) to naturally grow and sustain your hair. Over washing, such as washing hair every day or more than twice a week, can strip away oils from lengths, causing them to dry. 

4 Solutions to get rid of frizzy hair



While frizzy hair can be unruly and unmanageable for some, people always look for an answer to get their original hair back! Here are some frizzy hair solutions that can make a difference to your hair and make it healthy and shiny again! 

Apple Cider Vinegar for Fighting Dryness 

Apple cider vinegar has an ideal pH that matches your hair and scalp. Containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), this fantastic ingredient gives your hair its shine back and soothes your itchy scalp. It helps you remove the product residue used in styling (For ex., Hair wax) and cleanse your hair better, making it naturally flowy and beautiful. 

Best Picks: Apple Cider Vinegar & Coconut Shampoo by Inveda is curated with natural extracts to repair damage and nourish your hair in one wash. 

Nourish your hair with coconut oil

Coconut oil is a staple found in every Indian's cabinet and proves to fight dry skin, hair, and body. When oiling hair with coconut oil nourishes hair and soothes the scalp inhibiting protein loss. So Massaging a nice amount of oil on hair and leaving it overnight works wonders for dry scalp and frizzy hairs and gives fantastic results the next day! 

Best Picks: Inveda Hemakesa Hair Regrowth Oil is best for dry and frizzy hair by nourishing the scalp and reducing hair fall. 

Argan oil for shiny and robust lengths

Being one of the best frizzy hair treatments, argan oil can be used at home for treatment for dry and frizzy hairs. Many people use argan oil in their daily hair care regimen and state the benefits of how it reduces the sun and heat damage due to styling. Henceforth, this ingredient is a must-have in hair care products when you are looking for one. 

Best Picks: Moroccan Argan Oil Shine & Hold shampoo contains argan oil that tames frizz and gives shiny hair just as simple as washing hair. 

Using Leave-in conditioners for deep nutrition 

Conditioners are vital for today's time as hair is more prone to damage. Leave-in conditioners are just as same as ordinary conditioners, and you don't need to wash them. It helps your ends smoothen out, and your hair faces more minor damage than expected. 

Best Picks: Inveda Apple Cider Vinegar & Coconut Conditioner gives ultimate nourishment and smoothens your hair by adding shine and luster. 

Key Takeaways...



Hair damage and problems can be rendered in various forms and are unavoidable to preserving healthy lengths. In order to have a naturally nourished look, it is vital to take care of hair. Using different methods and techniques and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a good diet makes a world of difference to your hair and overall look. Most of the hair damage factors include pollution, diet changes, hormone changes, and sun damage. 

Therefore it is vital to choose naturally-curated hair care, and solution-driven products are necessary for such hair damage to give shiny & healthy hair.

Inveda is India's most trusted brand that understands the needs and demands of people's skin and hair and curates the products that are natural and vegan, halal-certified, and PETA certified. From skin issues to creating products to address hair issues, Inveda gives frizzy hair solutions. 

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