Winter season is around the corner and it is time to take extra care of your body, skin and hair. We can escape from the cold weather with the help of woollen clothing but our skin needs deep nourishment and good care for protection. In such circumstances, we need to draw our attention towards special beauty and skin care products.

On the onset of winter season, choose your products carefully. Try to buy natural skin care products that take care of your skin gently and for a longer period of time.

Following are the essential products that you need to use daily

1. Body Butter Cream Body cream becomes an important part of the skincare routine due to its magnificent effects on the skin. During winters the skin becomes dry and rough. Body butter gets deep inside the skin layers and nourishes every part to bring a soft velvety touch on the skin.

It is specifically formulated for the entire body. The best time to use this product is after a bath in the morning and before going to sleep at night. When the body is cleaned properly during a hot bath, it needs a moisturising element to keep it soft and smooth. Body butter fulfils the requirement in these times.

2. SunscreenSunscreen lotion is one product that needs to be applied on the body all through the year. In winters it is a must use product as we love going out in the sun during this time and so our skin needs special protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

3. Oil– Skin needs a combination of oils in a specific ratio almost all the year round. It becomes dull and dry when not provided the same. In order to keep the skin glowing and shiny, use oils specifically formulated for the body.

It is also a must use product for hair. Hair begins to lose lustre and shine during winters. Split ends are also a common problem during these days. Do massage your hair roots with effective natural oil regularly and keep your hair healthy.

4. Sugar Scrub– It is essential to remove dead skin and dry flakes from the skin to keep it smooth and lovely to touch. It is an utmost important product as it can also be used for taking care of the lips. Lips tend to become dry more often in winters. The best way to keep them good is to use a sugar scrub and then moisturise with a natural lip balm. Drink lots of water to avoid drying up of lips.

The products mentioned above are very important for winter care. Try to use products that are paraben free and contain natural extracts. Choose wisely as it is about taking care of your skin. Keep Smiling and Take Care!