What hurts more than a breakup? I guess hair fall problem!! HA HAHA, jokes apart but it’s better to invest in your hair because it’s the crown you NEVER TAKE OFF.  Whether it’s about men or women, everyone wants to have gorgeous, healthy & strong lush hair but most of us become the victim of hair loss. Losing approx. 50-100 strands during monsoon are no big deal but excessive hair fall is an alarming situation that needs instant attention.

There are lots of factors which prove to be the reason behind hair fall problem. But if proper care and maintenance are given to hair then undoubtedly hair fall will stop and you will get healthy strands. So, if you are searching like how to stop hair fall immediately then continue to read for the best hair fall solution.

Major reasons for hair fall are

  • Dry Itchy Scalp

Dry itchy scalp or we can say dandruff is the condition that is cause by a yeast infection of the skin that weakens hair follicles and leads to hair fall.

  • Hard Water

In maximum cities, there is a supply of hard water that contains magnesium, silica & calcium which leads to breakage, thinning and ultimately hair loss. Furthermore it wears out the hair strands that cause easy breakage & split ends.

  • Poor Diet

Lacking minerals & vitamins in the diet causes many deficiencies and hair loss is one of them. For instance, too little protein in the diet can damage healthy hair & slow down the body’s ability to grow new hair.

  • Unrestricted Use of Styling Equipment

Excess of everything is bad, the same goes for hair too. Too much use of heating equipment damages hair like hell. No doubt it cut the time in styling but continuous use makes hair prone to breakage & consequently more likely to fallout.

  • Stress

Another vital cause for hair fall is stress, which can push hair follicles on resting mode & they didn’t produce new strands. Over time tresses can fall out more easily while combing or washing.

Below are the sure shot remedies for how to stop hair fall immediately at home:

1. Right Choice of Shampoo

It’s very essential to use organic hair shampoo to address the hair problem for your hair type. Most of the time shampoo contains sulphate, silicone, paraben, harmful chemicals & other artificial ingredients that may lead to rough hair and further cause hair fall. One of the best 100% organic anti hair fall shampoo is Inveda’s Shine & Hold Shampoo.

2. Adopt Right Washing Technique 

Shampoo selection can be according to the hair type but the washing process should be the same for everyone. While applying shampoo make sure that it reaches to the hair scalp and hair roots. Massage the scalp for at least 2 minutes with right strokes and accurate finger pressure. Always try to wash your hair under the shower instead of tap.

3. Oiling is a must for hair 

Everyone knows from childhood days that oil is important for hair strength and champi is undoubtedly the best hair loss treatment at home.  You just need the best natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil or sesame seed oil.

Massage it gently on your scalp from hair roots to tip and leave it for an hour before shampoo. Apply it at least once a week for strong hair follicles.

4.Don’t twist your hair tightly

It’s a common mistake done by most of the people after washing, they tie their hair with towel tightly and use tight rubber bands to adorn hairstyles like ponytail or braid. Few people know that hair ties on a regular basis might start pulling out the roots. To avoid this habit and use an old t-shirt to wrap your hair and change your hairstyle accordingly.

5.Say No to Hair Colour

If you want to turn your rebellious strands into silky tresses then say a big no to hair colour& chemical treatment. Girls want to change their look with smoothening, hair colouring& rebounding and it becomes so prevalent nowadays but unaware of the chemical secret and heating equipment that cause heavy damage to hair but everyone ignores the fact that it could be one of the reasons behind hair fall.

Some Hair Care Tips you definitely know to prevent hair fall problem 

  1. Add Aloe Vera Gel, rose water or lemon juice to your regular shampoo.
  2. Avoid using Chemical rich Shampoo. Go for Inveda Shampoo Range for every hair problem.
  3. Apply onion juice once in a week to nourish your follicles.
  4. Drink Coconut milk, great for hair regrowth.
  5. Applying egg or mayonnaise hair mask once a week, natural hair conditioner will be an additional way to moisturize hair.
  6. Don’t use hot water to wash your hair it leads to a dry itchy scalp.

There are many things you can do to slow or stop hair loss. But what to do depends on the reason why you are losing hair. So go through the reasons first, and achieve your strong strands. For hair care product & remedies log in to www.inveda.in