December is here and winter season has started showing its true colors. With winter slowly approaching in our lives, we need to be prepared for the pleasant surprises and awful shocks of this season. Life gets a little beautiful and a little tough during this season. And therefore, we need to pay a little extra care and attention towards our body.

Germs and diseases are easily attracted towards the body these days and so our food and daily care habits need to be taken care of.

Here are the diseases that are mostly attracted by human body in the winter season

1. Common Cold– Common cold is commonly seen affecting almost all kids and young ones during this season. Even the elder ones cannot escape from this illness. The cold weather and chill wind contribute a lot towards it. It is usually acquired all the year round but it shows its most adverse effects in the winter season.

What to do

i.   Apply balms & inhale tea tree essential oil vapours to encounter cold.

ii.  Drinking hot drinks can also help in this situation.

iii. Wash your hands regularly to keep the germs away.

2. Joint Pain– Joint pain is something that bothers the elderly people a lot. It is a pain that affects the knees, elbows, shoulders & other joints. The people already suffering from spondylitis & arthritis are at their worst joint conditions. The chilled weather shoots the warmth inside the joints and causes painful stiffness in the bones.

What to do

i.  Exercise daily to keep the body warm.

ii. Use ointments to defeat joint pain.

iii. Massage essential oils like eucalyptus oil or olive oil on the joints.

3. Dry Skin– Dry skin is one major issue dealt by almost everyone in this season. Cracked & rough skin can be noticed easily in winters. Most of the skin care products fail to nourish the skin at this time. This is because of the lack of humidity in the skin.

What to do

i.   Apply moisturizer at regular intervals all over the skin.

ii.  Use natural skin care products that are gentle & mild on the skin.

iii. Use body butter creams for deep nourishment of the skin.

4. A sore throat– Throat gets highly affected in the winter season. This can also be the symptom of viral infections. The fluctuations in the temperature & cool breeze are responsible for this condition of the throat.

What to do

i. Gargle hot water with salt dissolved in it.

ii. Eat less tangy & sour fruits.

iii. Drink ginger & cinnamon tea.

Follow the tips mentioned above and treat these illnesses widely prevailing in the winter season. Take Care and Enjoy Winter Season!