Grey hair seems like a common issue these days. People of any age group are found complaining about grey and white hair on their scalp. This can turn out to be an embarrassing problem if not taken seriously. 

There is no sure shot certain reason associated with the problem of grey hair. It varies from person to person and can be really annoying. Some of the reasons behind this problem can be stress, pollution, hormonal imbalance, lack of nutrients in the body, etc. 

Once you notice grey hair, start taking precautions. Also, remember hair colour is not a permanent solution to this problem. You can use hair colour but then you need to keep spending money from time to time in the salon. Other than expenditure, hair colouring can be harmful to the scalp due to the presence of chemicals in the dyes and colours. In such a case, natural remedies should be tried and adopted. Some of the best home remedies for grey hair are-

1. Hair oil– Oiling provides deep nourishment to the hair. It also makes the root stronger. This nourishment can help in preserving the colour for a longer period of time. When people avoid using oils from a very young age, it can lead to the grey hair issue. Make sure you use oil in your hair twice a week. You can try dry oil, almond oil or coconut oil as per your desire.

2. Biotin Products– Biotin is needed to maintain the black colour of the hair. It is found in food items like nuts, almonds, etc. Eating these foods can help in preventing black hair. Nowadays hair products enriched with biotin are available in the market. Use these natural products for long-lasting black colour.

3. Henna colour– Colouring hair with henna is natural and very healthy for hair. The henna application can be a little tiring process but its worth doing for healthy hair. It not only provides lovely colour to hair but also conditions the hair. Get henna in powder form. Add tea or coffee water to this powder and mix it into a paste. Apply this paste to the scalp and hair. Leave for an hour or two and then rinse it off. Do not use shampoo in the first wash.

4. Amla– Amla is known for its goodness. It is a wonderful source of vitamin C and can transform poor hair into the beautiful healthy hair. You can consume this tangy sour fruit or use it on your hair in the form of a natural hair mask. Just take some amla powder and add water to it. Blend it into a paste and apply this paste on the scalp. Leave for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with water. 

The remedies given above can help a lot in getting and preserving the hair colour. Other than these remedies try yoga and meditation to relax the body. These exercises can make your body strong enough to fight against various factors affecting the health! Keep smiling Keep Glowing!