Best face wash- The product used to cleanse the skin by removing dirt and dust particles, oil and sebum known as a face cleanser. Clearing off dead skin cells and makeup is also the work of a good face cleanser. Today I will be telling you all about the uses, benefits and composition of the best face wash 

The face cleanser uses just like any best face wash. The best face wash removes the impurities and dirt buried deep in the skin. It unclogs the pores clogged with dirt. A face cleanser works effectively at removing various types of oils which are excreting in excess. Chemical face cleansers make skin dry but Ayurvedic face washes are best face wash for all skin types. Moreover, it moisturizes the skin. It is easy and mild on the skin as compared to another face cleanser. 

The best types of face washes are those which are free from chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate, etc. and can keep the skin oil-free. Best face wash for oily skin is Neem & Gotukola face wash from Inveda. And best anti ageing face wash is Moroccan Argan Oil Gel Cleanser. 

Any beauty product that causes oily skin should not prefer, as oily skin attracts more bacteria and dirt particles which can easily stick to the skin that in turn causes pimples, acne and other skin problems. A good foaming cleanser deep cleans the skin making it soft and smooth. Inveda Ayurvedic face washes come in top 10 face wash in the India. 

Now let us know how to use a face cleanser to get the best results.

Always remove your makeup before washing your face. Choose the cleanser as per your skin type. For example- if you have oily skin, try to use a cleanser that can remove excess oils from the skin. In case you have dry skin, use a cleanser that is very soft and gentle to the skin.

Always wash your face at least 2 to 3 times a day. Also, keep in mind the weather conditions. For example- If the ongoing season is summer season, try to cleanse more than usual because the sweat makes the skin more sticky and germ infected. In such situations, one needs to cleanse the skin more. If the ongoing season is winter season you might not need to cleanse the skin more often. This is because the skin is very dry and flaky during winters. Cleansing more and more can make your skin drier and can provide you with dull looks.

Never use very hot or extremely cold water for cleansing your skin. Take some face cleanser on your palm and apply it to your face in circular motions. Rub effectively on areas like nose, chin where oil is secretes more than the other areas. Rinse it off with water. Pat your skin dry. Apply some moisturizer as per your skin type. 

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