Although we are all aware of various types of beauty and skin care products. But nowadays we all prefer to use natural ingredients for skin care products instead of products with chemical composition.

Similarly, the information regarding these special constituents is must to use the products to our best possible needs. So, I will be telling you today everything about the timing and the purposes of using these products. Basically, I will tell you when, why and how these natural ingredients for skin care incredible ingredients should use!

Natural Ingredients list are –

MILK  best skin care ingredient

To clarify, I think we all know the benefits of milk. As a matter of fact, it is proving to nourish skin better than any chemical product. Because the lactic acid in milk serves the skin amazingly well. What’s more guys!!

When to use-

Not to mention but whenever you feel the need of hydrating your skin, instead of creams, you should try milk. It uses largely by people with dry skin. In winters, it can take away the flaky skin and give you fresh and nourished skin too without any efforts.

How to use

First of all, take a small bowl with at least 2 spoons of gram flour. Secondly add few drops of honey and rose water in it. Thirdly, pour milk and blend properly until you get a thick paste.  At last, apply on the face and let it rest for 15 minutes. Later on wash it off with a natural cleanser and water.

HONEY- Best use for homemade facial cleanser

The fact is honey has antibacterial properties and antioxidants. Moreover, the antioxidants present in honey are responsible for reducing the signs of ageing and makes the skin firm.

When to use-

In the same context, whenever you are suffering from signs of ageing like dark spots, wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines or dull skin. Keep for one thing in mind to apply honey even more frequently to your face to combat the situation.

How to use

Firstly, take two tablespoons of honey and mix it with two tablespoons of lemon juice. Mix it well. Now apply this mixture on the face and let it remain for 15 minutes. At last, rinse it off with warm water. On the positive side you will surely notice a change in your dull skin.

natural ingredients list-natural ingredients for smooth skin
De Tan Ubtan | Swarn Abha | Rama Tulsi & Laung

Tulsi is a herb with magical properties of healing. Equally important, it also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which help in the deep cleaning of the skin. We can definitely use Tulsi as a natural ingredient for skin care products.

When to use-

Use it when you are dealing with dirty blackheads, pimples, acne and excess oils in the skin.

How to use-

First of all, take some Tulsi leaves and turn it into powder. Now mix this powder with fuller’s earth. Thirdly, pour some rose water in it and blend it properly. Now apply this paste for around 20 minutes. Let it stay until it dries. In the end, wash it off with water. It will provide you with clear and smooth skin.


The fact is the oil extracted from the avocado fruit is highly beneficial for our skin. Additionally, it preferred as it is easily absorbed by the skin. Most importantly, it acts as a perfect moisturiser for the skin.

When to use-

Apply it to the skin, when the skin damages, itchy and chapped.

How to use-

Previously, take some avocado oil in a bottle. Then mix some drops of lavender, jasmine or rose essential oil. Now, close the bottle with a cap and blend it properly. Apply this oil to the damaged skin. You will feel that the oil gets into the skin and provides nourishment.

Hope the information given above will help you and not stop you to choose natural ingredients for skin care products! Keep smiling. Keep Glowing!