How to make hair silky? The right page for your common question. Love is in the hair & girls always dream of long locks, but hair oiling isn’t their cup of tea as it is out of the trend in today’s fashion. But I suppose the “old nuskha” of mother & grandmother was correct, oiling hair twice per week is the best hair care method to induce healthy long luscious hair with oil.

Also, it is very important to mix multiple oils & apply, for complete nutrition. 

Let’s understand this by an example:

Have you ever wondered why there are different vegetables cooked at your home daily?

That’s because every vegetable has different amount of nutrients like Spinach is rich in Iron, Potato is rich in Potassium, Vit C likewise all the vegetables have different share of nutrients. So by intake of different vegetables, you gain a balanced amount of nutrients required by your body on a daily basis.

Likewise is your hair, for proper growth and sufficient supply of nutrients, you need to mix different oils as per your hair problem & apply. The best overall hair oil which not only stops hair fall but also cures baldness is Inveda’s Hemakesa Hair Regrowth Oil with 21, 100% natural oils. Guaranteed result in 60 days.

Now let’s take a glance at the most effective natural hair oils for How to make hair silky, strong, healthy & thick? 

1. Coconut Oil, Hero of south India

If you really want a solution for how to make hair silky permanently then coconut oil is the best solution. Unlike the other oils, coconut oil is easily available & inexpensive compared to the other oils. We, Indians can’t escape copra oil for hair care. Loaded with fatty acids, carbohydrates & vitamins, that are best for hair health. Have you ever noticed the hair of south Indian girls, dark, thick & long, how? Coconut oil is the main reason for that. You’ll also go for it.


Best for the ones who want soft hair in very less time.
Ingredients – coconut oil + 6-7 curry leaves for long length hair

Method of preparation 

Step1– Previously, boil 6-7 spoons of coconut oil with 4-5 curry leaves for 5 minutes,
Step2–  Secondly, apply oil to hair after cooling, massage it for 10 min & leave it overnight,
Step3– Thirdly, wash your hair with Ayurvedic Shampoo in the morning. Try Inveda Shine & Hold Shampoo – Sun & Pollution Protector.

2. Castor Oil: 

Additionally, castor Oil is the best to complement any type of scalp. Contains omega 6 fatty acids & unsaturated fatty acid and thus when massaged onto the scalp boosts blood circulation that accelerates the hair growth.


Firstly, Mix 2 spoon full of castor oil in any hair oil before the massage, to improve hair growth,

Leave it for 30-40 min,

Wash thoroughly with Shampoo.

3. Argan Oil: 

Liquid gold originates in the land of Morocco, extracted from the nuts of the Argan tree. Rich in antioxidants, carboxylic acid & vitamin E, the most effective potion for hair. Brimming with the hydrating properties that keep hair moisturized, repairs damaged hair & treat split ends. People who have dry frizzy, brittle hair can choose Argan Oil.


Apply it directly from the bottle to hair. it’s thick but not greasy.
Take a couple of drops within the palm & apply on the strands, avoiding the roots, keep it for 1 hour maximum & wash it with Inveda Moroccan Argan Oil & Agar Agar Shampoo.

4. Olive Oil: 

How to make hair soft and silky overnight? Olive oil basically a versatile hair protector that protects hair from sun & other damages & shields the natural keratin. Rich in vitamin E that promotes hair growth & monounsaturated fatty acid locks the moisture. It revitalizes the scalp & nourishes hair roots & imparts health to new whiskers. It not only smoothens the hair but also makes hair roots stronger.


Best for damaged, dry hair & who want ti have silky strong hair.

First of all apply the oil to dry & damp hair & massage it for 20 min & leave it for 30-60 min,
Shampoo thoroughly to clean it off.

5. Sesame Oil: 

Popularly referred to as “Til ka tel”. Extracted from the popular sesame seeds and utilized in many hair treatments. Furthermore, it’s antimicrobial properties treats scalp infection & helps in increasing the absorption rate for perfect hair. It acts as a natural hair conditioner, makes hair smooth & shiny & promotes healthy tresses.

DIY – How to make hair silky and thick

Step1– Firstly, heat the oil & add 5-6 fenugreek seeds & curry leaves,
Step2– Secondly, Leave the oil to chill,
Step3– After that, apply onto the scalp from roots to tip & leave it overnight,
Step4– At last, wash it off thoroughly with Ayurvedic Shine & Hold Shampoo.

6. Tea Tree Oil: 

A marvellous oil which works wonder on your scalp. Also, have the ability to treat ample skin & scalp diseases like infection, dandruff, fungus etc. It works for all types of hair & repair hair follicles & cleanses the scalp effectively. Do not apply it directly.


Step1– Mix 2-3 drops of Tea Tree Oil with a carrier oil,
Step2– Apply it on your hair & scalp with fingertips 7 massages it for half an hour,
Step3– Leave it for 30min & then rinse it off.

Tip- you’ll also add 10-12 drops of tea tree oil to your bottle of shampoo or conditioner.

7. Almond Oil: 

Almond oil is a “sarv-gun-sampan” oil, containing the highest content of vitamin E & fatty acids, proteins & magnesium which makes it the most potent oil for hair. It reduces breakage & helps new strands to grow. One of the most effective oils for fast hair growth.


You can use this oil straight out of the bottle & apply on to your hair & scalp.
Firstly, warm the oil before use & massage the scalp for 20 min,
Later on, leave it for 30 min & wash it off with shampoo.

Hair is an integral part of your beauty. The overall texture, thickness and length of your hair can make or break your appearance. If you are still searching for How to make hair silky and healthy then without any doubt go for natural oils. Natural oils Keeping your hair free from problems like hair fall and greying, breakage & promote hair growth. It pays attention to the hair and leads to new healthy problem-free hair.

For volatile oils just reach us out @ and to avoid the hair care tantrums just add Hemakesa Oil to your routine, 21 in 1 oil. Efficacy formula for problem-free healthy hair is just one step away.