The chilling weather has finally made its way to our lives. People are all set to dress up well in sweaters, jackets, mufflers & woollen gloves. Clothes can protect the entire body but skin needs deep care and nourishment to stay winter ready. Natural skin care products contain natural extracts like shea butter, cocoa, plant extracts, fruits & flowers. These ingredients not only protect the skin but also give it the much-needed love and care.

Here are some products that are formulated on the basis of Ayurveda and are purely dedicated towards making the skin look fresh & beautiful like never before

1. Blackcurrant Body Wash– Skin becomes really dry & rough during winters. Using chemical based soaps can make the skin even drier & rougher. The perfect substitute for these soaps is this body wash which has black currant, chamomile & green tea extracts. It can make the skin clean & smooth at the same time. It is most suited to the skin as it is not harsh like soaps and leaves a soothing effect after washing the body. Do try it once to get lovely skin in winter.

2. Body Butter Cream– As the name suggests, this product makes the skin buttery soft due to its butter enriched formula. This cream can be applied all over the body and not just the face, as it has deep moisturizing quality. It is perfect for body massages as well. Body Butter Cream from Inveda is paraben free and has a beautiful soothing aroma. The natural ingredients include aloe juice, sweet almond oil & shea butter which form a perfect combination to nurture the winter skin.

3. Sunscreen– Sun keeps up on its harmful effects not only in summers but also in the chilly winter season. It feels so lovely to face the sun in this season but skin still needs care & protection. To keep your face beautiful even after facing the sun, it is required to apply sunscreen on the face. Sunscreen Cream Gel SPF 50 PA +++ from Inveda is one of the best sunscreens available in India. Its natural ingredients like comfrey & zasta work towards protecting the skin against the sun and in making the skin better. Remember, it is important to apply sunscreen in all seasons.

4. Moisturizer– A moisturizer is formulated with ingredients that can keep the skin hydrated. The papaya & hibiscus moisturizer with natural extracts can do lot better nourishment to the skin as it can easily get deep into the skin and lock in moisture. This prevents drying up of skin and keeps it soft & smooth for longer durations. Repetitive use can enhance the skin quality.

5. Healing Day Cream– This cream from the house of Inveda is formulated to restore nourishment to dull, damaged & dry skin. It has ayurvedic herbs like lavender, almond which rejuvenate the skin and repair the damages incurred. It is perfect to use during the day in winter season for regular nourishment & prevents premature signs of ageing!

I am sure you will be winter ready once you include these products in your daily skin products range. Try it once and I am sure you will feel the change! Keep Smiling Keep Glowing!