Skincare product for oily skin. With the pandemic surging all across the globe, it is vital to take constant care of physical as well as mental health. When many people faced home quarantine and lockdowns; there was increased mental distress and less attention towards personal care. 

While skincare is the first step that one learns to take care of and pay attention to oneself; it is vital to include the best available products and resources. Therefore, we've handpicked some of the 5 best Products by Inveda, an Indian-origin brand that curates its vegan and natural products with the principles of Ayurveda that you should own this year.


Why Inveda?

skincare product for oily skin

Inveda is a holistic approach towards beauty and self-care that aims to bring lifestyle changes with the help of its products. Made with natural actives, superior-quality ingredients, and age-old inspiration wisdom of Ayurvedic skincare science, every product curated for use is tested and delivers the true essence of nature packed up for its customers. 

Being gender-neutral and friendly in nature, Inveda is the brand that prioritizes its customers, hears them, and creates what suits best for them. 

Below we've put a whole list of vegan skincare products to find the ones you need on your skincare regimen list.


1. Skincare product for oily skin : 1.5Hyaluronic acid with 2% Pentavitin

 Repair your skin instantly with the fantastic combination of Hyaluronic Acid & Pentavitin formulated by Inveda. Hyaluronic Acid Serum is an affordable vegan skin care product. That holds up to 370% more moisture than the collagen protein. Making it a "super-hydrating agent." Hyaluronic Acid assists in diminishing almost all of the skincare issues, which is due to lack of hydration. 


Additionally, Pentavitin forms a moisture barrier on the derma after application of the product and secures deep inside within the layers of skin, holding on tight for up to 72 hours. This vegan and cruelty-free serum by Inveda helps your skin maintain a natural moisture barrier while smoothing and plumping skin for a fresh and natural glow.


2. Kumkumadi Tailam combo-Prevents 9 Major Skin Problems

The secret of golden glow by Ayurveda is out! Inveda's Kumkumadi Tailam Combo is curated to prevent 9 skin problems. Kumkumadi or Saffron is handpicked and selected from the Valleys of Kashmir to give the utmost benefits. Being vegan and organic, this product from Inveda is suitable When you seek a solution to your skin issues. 


  • Pigmentation
  • Acne spots
  • Dark circles
  • Sun-tan
  • Blemishes
  • Bruises
  • Wrinkles
  • Dull Skin
  • Skin Infection


Inveda Kumkumadi Tailam combo contains:


Kumkumadi Tailam Face Cream 50 ml – Kumkumadi Tailam Face cream is a natural skin rejuvenator. Not only does it clear the skin from toxins, but it also makes it glow remarkably.


Kumkumadi Tailam Face Scrub 100ml – Has a rich concentration of powerful ingredients that provides nourishment. The scrub acts as an exfoliator to give an even complexion.


Kumkumadi Tailam Face Oil 10 ml – The perfect combination of Saffron and Kumkumadi becomes the product's dynamic duo. The ideal combination of these two ingredients diminishes scars, uneven skin tone, clogged pores & inflammation.  

Indulge in Ayurveda-inspired therapy to your skin for a glow that stays. 


3. Concentrated Vitamin C Serum 20%


With the power of Oranges and Hyaluronic acid, Inveda's Concentrated Vitamin C Serum is the product to stand upon. A lot more brands offer you Vitamin C serum; they are neither vegan nor paraben-free. Concentrated Vitamin C Serum 20% heals your skin evenly to unify the complexion and reduces the pores to hydrate skin from deep inside & give you the glow that you can flaunt with minimal effort. 

Switching to Inveda gives you freedom from skincare products that contain nasty chemicals and other harming ingredients. Thinking of upgrading your lifestyle? Think of Inveda!


 4. Hemkesa Hair Regrowth oil-60 Days Challenge 


 As there is a surge of covid-19 and many other diseases, it mainly affects the scalp and tends to lose hairs, causing extreme hair loss or baldness. Due to many options available in the pharmacy and market, the practical solution exists to none. 

Inveda's Hemakesa is an answer to all of your scalp-related queries. Rather it is premature graying or hair loss, it all can be treated with the help of powerful and effective ingredients and herbs present in the oil. 

A fantastic blend of 21 natural oils full of antioxidants prevents hair fall, split ends, dandruff, scalp infections, and thinning of hair. 

Treat your hair with onion oil, amla oil, and jatamansi, which are very effective for all kinds of scalp issues. What's best about this product is that it is vegan, organic, and PETA certified to ensure that every product Inveda curates is safe for you and all. 


 5. Skincare product for oily skin : Acne-treatment kit


Say GOODBYE to your ACNE and say HELLO to HAPPY face! If your skin is acne-prone, it is better to take care of it in the early stages instead of ignoring it. Inveda's Acne care range is affordable vegan skin care where you can purchase products and avail yourself of the natural goodness from it. 

Inveda's Acne-treatment kit blocks sebum production in the skin and controls bacterial infection to inhibit the growth of acne-causing factors. 

The Kit Contains:

Neem & Gotukola Face wash deep cleanses the pores to reduce sebum and cleanse the skin to apply the treatment for the acne. 

Healing Day Cream heals the skin, prevents your skin from getting affected by sun rays, and unifies the tone for better texture and complexion.

Anti Acne Blend is a unique blend of Lavender and Tea Tree extracts that target sebum production and control it. It also helps diminish the acne scars and fights bacteria to reduce acne.

Anti Acne Gel Cream Masque helps to reduce acne with virtues of Niacinamide and tea-tree oil. Regular application of this masque helps to get rid of acne and acne induced problems effortlessly.

Visible results can be seen with constant use and religiously practicing skincare


Inveda's range of natural beauty and skincare is for all who seek solution-driven products for their skin and wellness. As every product curated by Inveda is Vegan and honest, we've selected the top 5 and best picks by the customer so that you can know what you are missing out on. 

When experience the raw nature of Ayurveda with Inveda's products and vegan skincare to behold nature's best gift close to your heart.


Products mentioned: 

skincare product for oily skin
  1. 1.5Hyaluronic acid with 2% Pentavitin
  2. Kumkumadi Tailam combo
  3. Concentrated Vitamin C Serum 20%
  4. Hemkesa Hair Re-growth oil
  5. Acne-treatment kit