If you are one of those people who suffers pain during periods, this blog is for you! As PMS is something that every girl faces before menstrual cycle starts, it not only comes with loads of mood swings, but also some mild to severe cramps.

If you have a preteen daughter, it is important to listen to your child's concerns about the discomfort of menstruation. Also, figure out what you can do to assist her. There are, to one's good fortune, a variety of excellent home treatments. It is normal to have some discomfort during your period. But, persistent pain may indicate a more serious issue that needs to be checked out by a doctor. It is essential to have a clear understanding of what constitutes normal behavior and what does not.

Ease your pain during periods with these simple remedies at home

Uterine contractions, more often known as menstrual pains, take place right before and during your period. In order to facilitate the shedding of the uterine lining. More than half of all women who menstruate experience discomfort during these contractions. It is possible to alleviate the discomfort and anguish associated with minor menstrual cramps. The following are some remedies that could be of assistance. Pain during period is often connected with light to major discomfort impairing day to day tasks as well.

Exercising helps to ease pain during periods 

Regular light exercise can help alleviate the cramping and bloating associated with your period. As well as produce endorphins, which lift your mood and generally make you feel better. It is not necessary to engage in strenuous physical activity in order to gain the advantages of exercise. Rather, something as simple as a stroll or a session of yoga can all assist to alleviate discomfort.

Don't be concerned about the sweat and pain. Exercising is beneficial for more than just managing one's weight. That post-period glow will be more noticeable, and the cramping associated with your period will be less severe. Stimulating blood flow will provide your skin cells with nutrients and help cleanse your body of pollutants. Because stress may sap your vitality and cause an increase in the production of sebum, you need to find ways to relax, get a good night's sleep, and rest when you need to.


Increased blood flow and relaxation of the uterine muscles, which are responsible for period discomfort, can be achieved by placing a hot water bottle or heating pad on the lower abdomen.  Pain during periods often manifests as a dull aching or throbbing in the lower abdomen; but, in certain cases, it can extend to the lower back as well as the inner or upper thighs. The discomfort associated with menstruation can be so intense for some individuals that it makes it difficult for them to go about their everyday lives. Using heat patches or pads will help you to ease your menstrual pain and give better period experience without any fuss.

Relax with some good sleep

 Experiment with a variety of sleeping positions to see which one reduces the amount of strain placed on your abdominal muscles the most. During their period, many individuals find that the most comfortable posture is one in which they are laying on their side or with their knees pulled up to their chest (often known as the foetal position).

Unwind with Self-care

For all girlies, periods are also an excuse to get leaves and relax with self-care activities such as skincare and doing lengthy skincare routine. During PMS or menstrual cycle, many girls face acne and oily skin ahead of their cycle and takin proper care of skin not only helps in giving a relaxing time but also sense of happiness of feeling and looking good. Choose a good non-pore clogging cleanser, soothing toners and detoxing masques for smooth and healthy skin that you’ve always desired.

Eat Good, Feel Good

Consuming foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants is absolutely essential for maintaining healthy skin. Antioxidant content is high in all types of berries and plums. It is fine to crave on junk food and chocolates, but also keep in mind that your body needs proper nutrition and you’re going to get it from the mentioned above healthy super foods. It has been noticed that certain vitamins and minerals might help lessen the pain during period cramps. Eating a diet rich in certain vitamins and minerals may be one more strategy to alleviate period pain.

However, there is some indication that magnesium and vitamin B1, often known as thiamine, may help lower the severity of period cramps.


By understanding what your body needs during periods, you also need to relax and take time out of your busy schedule to get rid of period pain that you are suffering. If you are facing too much period pain, it is abnormal. Consult your gynaecologist about the same and get proper treatment. Treat yourself with self-care with exquisite range of skincare by Inveda that curates’ healthy skincare products to solve your skin issues and give smooth, softer and youthful skin.