For benefits of garlic there is a famous quote, “The Doctors of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.” – Thomas Edison

Benefits of Garlic are uncountable. Moreover, Garlic is a bulbous spice vegetable. In detail, Its botanical name is allium sativum and is most normally known as (lasun/lahsun) in Hindi. 

Basically, these days, garlic’s reputation for being a therapeutic spice is essentially developing. Additionally, modern science recently confirms many proven skin and health benefits of garlic. 

Here are 10 benefits for you- 

  • Garlic is a bundle of nutritious value

In fact, Garlic is brimming with lots and lots of vital nutrients like manganese, VitaminB6, vitamin C, fibre, potassium, iron & vitamin B1. Moreover, Garlic is highly nutritious but has very few calories. 

Only due to its nutritional value it’s been recommended by many doctors for healthy skin and hair. Chiefly, there are many benefits of eating raw garlic in empty stomach.

  • Reduces acne and pimples 

Best garlic benefits for womens – Garlic is packed with most important powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it’s antibacterial quality reduces the bacterial infection on the skin and removes the toxin from clogged pores. 

How to use garlic for treating acne and pimple

First of all crush 1 clove of garlic and take the juice out of it. Secondly, Mix 1 spoon of Aloe Vera gel and apply on to the affected area. Later on, wash your face after 10 min. 

It will keep your skin hydrated and bacteria-free. 


Do not step out in the sun.

The best key point is, don’t apply garlic Juice directly on to the skin. As it’s lead to acne breakouts.  

  • Soothes Psoriasis 

Extreme dryness, is a disease of the skin itchy red scalp and scaly skin are the symptoms of psoriasis. Garlic features a strong inflammatory agent that reduces its effectively. 

How to intake

Consume 2-3 cloves daily, with juice or with any green vegetable. Consuming garlic reduces the consequences. 

  • Best in delay ageing 

Ageing occurs due to stress, sun damage and unhealthy food habits. Garlic helps the skin from sun damage and wrinkling. The antioxidants present within the garlic help to vanish the oxygen radicals thereby reducing stress. 

How to consume

Consume 1 raw garlic clove with 1 spoon of honey in the morning. Make sure it should be the primary thing you consume within the morning after waking. 

  • Fades Stretch marks

Stretch marks are stubborn and tough to erase. Moreover, all the pregnant ladies are worried and search for remedies of removing marks. Garlic with Mustard oil helps to scale back stretch marks effortlessly. 

How to use garlic and mustard oil for removing stretch marks

Firstly, heat 4-5 spoons of mustard oil and add 2-3 raw cloves of garlic. Boil it until you smell the garlic. Off the flame and let it calm down a bit. Massage the oil on the affected area in a circular motion. 

Use it daily before sleep. It’ll vanish all your stretch marks in only a month. 

  • Soothes Dry Skin

Dry, itchy, scaly scalp condition on the skin is known as eczema. It was due to the allergy. Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties thus making it best for eczema. But if you’re suffering from a severe eczema condition then visit the doctor immediately. 

How to consume

Consume 1-2 garlic cloves with normal water every morning. It’ll help in maintaining skin’s body heat. 

  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

In a study, it had been found that garlic helps to prevent heart diseases. It’s the ability to decrease bad cholesterol.

Scientists even have evidence that garlic prevents the danger of heart attacks. 


Consume a raw garlic clove in the morning keeps heart diseases miles away.

  • Prevents hair loss

Basically, impure diet and harmful dirt particles results in excessive hair fall. But antioxidants present in garlic improve the hair scalp and health. So add garlic in your diet to speed up the hair growth. 


Eat garlic foods and you’ll also apply garlic oil with olive oil into the scalp to strengthen & promote hair follicles. 

  • Treats Athlete’s foot

Fungal infection may resulting in athlete’s foot. Antifungal properties of garlic treat it very quickly and it treats the ringworms also. 

  • Help you to live long

Also, healthy vital nutrients present in garlic increases the lifetime of the cells and in this manner, it helps you to live longer and healthier. 


For instance, every person must consume 1-2 raw cloves of garlic with water daily in the morning.

Important Tips 

Who Should Avoid Garlic?

  • Pregnant women
  • Do not consume if you’re allergic to garlic.
  • If you’re affecting by a stomach ulcer, IBS, IBD or just underwent intestinal surgery.

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