Hola! Hola! It’s Christmas 2020! Feast of the nativity. Christmas history is very long, but Christmas celebration begins to honour the birth of Jesus Christ.  As everyone knows that Christmas celebrations observed on December 25 by billions of individuals around the globe. The story of Jesus birth is hidden from nobody.

But this year it will be certainly different. As you all know its pandemic, my dear.Moreover, there are numerous of ways to have a cheerful eve.

Without any doubt, let’s move ahead leaving this unpleasant year and cheers to the positive “VATAVARAN” vibe.  So, not getting much of your time here is the 10 best budget-friendly ways to celebrate CHRISTMAS 2020.

1.     Leave Castes  behind & just Celebrate Christmas

Apart from consisting to your own culture explore Christmas in a new way.  This Christmas learn about something new. Carry the old age style with your own style of celebration and explore the new eve with fun and cheerfulness.

2.     Decor your Home & Do some Baking

I love to cook. What about you? Actually, I lied in the first sentence b’coz that is the incomplete sentence. I love to cook only when my mom is with me and there is something special. But yeahh, I love to décor home, and this is absolutely true Okay!

Numerous individuals consider the special seasons an opportunity to chill, eat and relax, and appreciate the fulfilment in making desserts.  You can get imaginative with the different types of things you bake or cook, for example, biscuits, cookies, pies, cakes, or candy. Do an online search for Christmas 2020 craft ideas treats and see what you can do better, that may shock and joy your family and friends.

Apart from this tell me what you will do to make the best season surprisingly better? I thing, Decking out the home with Christmas designs, isn’t it amazing! I’ll definitely make paper trees, artificial snowman craft, Santa cutouts and of course play soothing jingle carols.

So this Christmas you can choose different colour theme and décor your home with ribbons and fancy hangings and bake a different kind of cakes and pastries to celebrate the jingle day with your family and friends.

3.     Go out for Dinner

If you are a bad cook like me, then I’ll suggest you please plan a dinner date with your family. Book your favorite restaurant or café and surprise your family with their favorite dishes on the table.

4.     Make Home Crafted Gift & gifts it to your nears and dears

This year, plan something better to surprise your friends, by gifting them the homemade gifts. You could make some incredibly high-quality adornments for the Christmas tree. Make a photo frame with their perfect image in it, stitch a scarf, or sew some caps or mufflers for family and friends. Moreover, you can create homemade cards and pack them with homemade wrapping papers.

So, invest some more energy and love this year choosing a great way to make something unique for your relatives. A few artworks require very little time to finish and most of the people love handmade blessings.

5.     Plan a get together…. But virtual!

The best part of the festival is being together with relatives and friends. But as the pandemic is not going to end soon, don’t take a risk of relatives to get together. Just open up the laptop and connect digitally and enjoy the eve on your own home.

6.     Insist your Grandparents to be your Santa

If you are blessed with grandparents then you are the luckiest person in the whole universe.

Bring Santa Costumes and insist your grandfather,  be your Santa, best Santa ever and then surprise your family with some gifts and cookies.

7.     Play Indoor Games

When the weather outside is not good and everyone is practising social distancing, indoor games are the true saviours to keep the family busy and entertained. One of my favorite game is Truth & Dare & how can I forget dumb charades, one of the classic game that we all played in our childhoods.  The best part of dumb charades is that we can play this on video calls too.

Select your favourite games and play to enjoy.

8.     Don’t Forget about Skincare

How can we forget about skincare during the festivals? The best part about the festive season to take care of your skin before the special eve.  Everyone tries to look different with radiant clear skin. Don’t worry I am here with some compiled skincare essentials for you to look different and flawless on the Christmas Eve.

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9.     Sponsor a Salon Session to your family members

Everyone has the right to look good, so why our family should be left behind? Book a salon session for your mom & dad and surprise them with their new looks.  I am pretty sure that they feel happy & proud of your this kind of gesture.  Don’t miss to see the smile on their faces. Don’t delay just book the session now!!

10.   Help those who need

Basically, Christmas, a festival of giving gifts. So, make a little contribution in someone’s life who really needs. Find an elderly person who really needs your help as well as help them to provide their basic daily needs. If your little effort makes someone’s day a little happier than this will make your day happiest.

On the contrary, that you are searching for ways to make Christmas 2020 more happening, attempt the above thoughts. May Christmas this year be the best ever. It tends to be a glad time when you praise the Christmas soul of confidence, love, and happiness with everybody around you. Keep smiling!!