What is Saffron (Kesar)?

Saffron uses for skin in a most extensive way. As it is the most expensive & luxurious exotic ingredient earlier used by the queens to get beautiful radiant skin. In detail, the botanical name of saffron is “Crocus Sativus”. In English, it is known as saffron in other words it is widely popular as kesar. Saffron uses for skin, health, immunity and many more. Moreover, it is a spice plucked & dried from the flower of Crocus Sativus commonly known as Saffron.


In fact, the origin of the saffron flower was in doubt, some believe that it was from Iran, Greece or Mesopotamia, but it is a small flora of the Iridaceae clan whose native place is South Europe. As a matter of fact, Saffron spice arrived in India in Kashmir between 2500 years ago and later to Himachal Pradesh. However, the saffron price is so high and also, it is difficult to cultivate & consumers to obtain due to its high price.

Saffron benefits for beauty-

As compared to the present era, ancient people use of ‘saffron filaments’ to alleviate a number of illnesses. Whereas nowadays people use saffron tea for depression too. As a matter of fact, saffron first became known in the field of traditional medicine before it became a household name as condiment and dye. As a result, Saffron becomes the popular luxurious spice of India that not only adds the pinch of flavour but offers numerous health benefits.
Read below to know the amazing skin benefits of Saffron or you can say uses of Kesar

1.Heal Burn wound-

Hence, saffron (crocus sativus) holds the reputation of a very good skincare herb. Significantly increased re-epithelialization in burn wounds, as compared to other cream-treated wounds. In addition, Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of saffron may have contributed to the wound healing.


Step1. Firstly, soak a pinch of saffron strands in one spoon of water & obtain a thick paste.
Step2. Secondly, apply it directly on wounds to heal it faster.

Note- Don’t expose yourself to the sun after the application of raw ingredients.

2.Promote Bright Complexion-

Kesar is the best ingredient for healthy bright skin. Saffron is rich in vitamins & antioxidants. Vitamin A is best for glowy skin that makes the skin smooth & supple. Vitamin C lightens the skin tone very effectively.
Best skin glowing tips are just to follow Inveda and use Kumkumadi Tailam Face Cream for the best bright glow.

3.Remove Blemishes & Pigmentation-

To begin with, as you all know that Saffron is rich in oxygen and creates a shield to protect the skin from sun & external aggressions. An excellent natural ingredient that lightens the dark & dull patches significantly.


Step1. First of all, Take a clean bowl & put some strands of saffron and add 3 spoons of water in the bowl.
Step2. Then, add a spoonful of turmeric and Stir well to obtain a paste.
Step3. Thirdly, apply directly on the affected areas. Sit & relax for 15 min.
Step4. Wash it off with normal water.
Last Step. At last, Immediately apply Kumkumadi Face Cream for faster results.

You will be surprised to see the magical results. Fade all dark, black spots & pigmentation with the continuous application. Use daily if needed to get pigment-free skin.

4.For Skin Lightening-

Chiefly Kesar is Rich in Vitamin C & Vitamin B6 that helps in fading dark spots and enhances the complexion with the natural buster of its properties.


Step1. Firstly, take a pinch of saffron & mix it with 1 spoon of Milk in the clean bowl.
Step2. Secondly, apply directly on your face and leave it for 10-15 min
Step3. Thirdly, rinse it off with normal water. It lightens the skin tone after the first application. Use thrice a week for better results.

5.Treat Inflammation-

The challenging oxidant-crocin that present in saffron defends the group of disorder that treats the redness & other inflammation. Moreover, Kesar improves blood circulation that boosts energy to the cells as a result it help your skin to impart distinct radiance and hydration in the long run.

6.Prevent Hair Loss-

As all know that in reality, Saffron is full of anti-oxidants & vitamin E, B6 & Vitamin A, virtuous for the hair.


Step1. First of all, add 5 gm of saffron strands with almond or coconut oil. Heat it for 2 min. & pour the oil in the bowl after cooling.
Step2. Then apply the normal amount of oil to the scalp and massage the scalp with right pressure & strokes from roots to tip.
Step3. At last, sit & relax for 30-60mon. & wash it off with mild Ayurvedic shampoo (Inveda Anti Toxin Shampoo)

In result, saffron promotes hair growth & shield the whiskers from the dent.

7.Best skin Toner-

To repeat, Kesar is the marvellous skin toner. That is its free radicals presented in saffron easily removes blackheads & extract impurities from the clogged pores.


Step1. Previously, just soak the saffron for 1-2 min. in normal water & then scrub it on the face for 2 min.
Step2. Later on, wash it off with water.
Step3. Immediately apply Sunscreen to protect the skin.
It boosts the blood circulation that helps in building collagen & makes skin firm & toned.

8.Treat Acne-Prone Skin-

Comparatively to other benefits, it’s Anti-fungal properties treat all kinds of Acne & stops further breakouts. Furthermore, it is rich in exfoliating properties also, & very helpful in cleansing & improves complexion.


Kashmiri Saffron is rich in anti-bacterial qualities, indeed. Mix a pinch with a spoon of Aloe Vera gel and apply before going to bed to get rid of acne & acne scars. Use daily if needed.

9.Keep mind & body is healthy-

Despite the fact, if we intake a pinch of saffron with milk it reduces the risk of Cancer & arthritis. Moreover, it is very beneficial for the young ones to boost vision quality & stay away from the weight of specs. Another marvellous benefit is it improves the symptoms of depression in adults that so-called insomnia.

10.Reduce the Risk of Cancer-

Researchers state that saffron, a zest that contains deterrent properties which incorporate inhibiting lump formation and prevents chromosome transformation that activates cancer cells. Additionally, saffron has been publicized to stop condense the injurious properties created by chemotherapy drugs.

Note: Don’t step out after the application of raw ingredient. Always wash your face & apply Sunscreen before stepping out.

Other Saffron Uses

Let me tell you, how the saffron powder is used for dye. Saffron is best known for the mellowed yellow colour which is used in dye in textiles and in food factories. The aroma & the saffron colour gives the aromatic flavour to saffron that makes it unique & luxurious.

Nutritional Profile- 10 gm of Saffron Contains

1. Water- 0.083 gm
2. Energy- 2.17kcal.
3. Protein- 0.008 gm
4. Lipid Fat- 0.041 gm
5. Carbohydrate- 0.458 gm
6. Fibre- 0.027 gm
7. Vitamin C- 0.566mg
8. Vitamin B6- 0.007 mg
9. Vitamin A- 3.71 mg
10. Fatty Acids 0.011 mg

Types of Saffron-

Though there are many types below are the best ones

1. Mongra & Lacha saffron uses for skin- It is the best Kesar from Kashmir (Crocus Sativus ‘Cashmiranus’) though Kashmiri Saffron is dark maroon in colour & gives the punch of strong flavour with great aroma and offers various health benefits for skin & body accordingly.
2. Aquila Saffron- Another one is Aquila Saffron. Significantly, Zafferano dell ‘Aquila’ is a premium quality saffron with the high power of crocin (polychroite)
3. Superior Spanish saffron- This one is the equally important quality like the other ones. Basically, it is mellower in colour, flavour & aroma. Moreover, mostly grown in Europe.
4. Greek Saffron- High quality of colour & aroma that offers great skin benefits.

As a matter of fact, every girl wants to look beautiful, glowing, and clean. But due to increasing pollution, wrong and irregular food and heavy workload in today’s time, women are not able to take good care of their skin. Without a doubt, saffron uses to make skin radiant and supple but if you don’t want to be in a hectic process then just use Inveda’s Kumkumadi Tailam Combo includes Kumkumadi Oil, Kumkumadi Scrub & Kumkumadi Face Cream, enriched with pure saffron (Kesar) which directly comes from Kashmir with other 24 natural holy herbs to provide the best glow to the girls & would-be brides so far. Include it in your AM & PM care routine to nourish your skin and prepare it for the day ahead.
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