• If skin is Oily or Acne prone, Include Zinc in diet, found in wheat germ, pumpkin seeds & crab Also take Vitamin B3, found in eggs & roasted chicken. Increase intake of water.
  • To Maintain healthy & normal skin, nails & hair, include Vitamin B2 in diet found in whole milk, cornflakes & eggs.
  • If skin is Dry, include Omega 3 in diet, found in flex seeds & Avocado.
  • If skin is Prematurely Aging, include Silicon in diet, found in onions & millets.
  • To slow down aging of skin & to maintain elasticity, include Bioflavonoid in diet, found in apricots & broccoli.
  • To reduce Puffiness, include Dandelion in diet in form of salad, it reduces water retention. Avoid mucus forming food such as milk & milk products.
  • To Improve muscle tone or for face lift, include Vitamin E in diet, found in Almonds, spinach & muesli.
  • To reduce pimples & Bacteria, include Vitamin C in diet, found in strawberries & Kiwi.
  • To reduce Wrinkles & Free radicals, include Vitamin C in diet, found in orange & cauliflower.
  • To reduce eczema, pale or cracked skin & lips, include Folic Acid in diet, found in spinach peanuts.
  • To reduce Dandruff, include Selenium in diet, found in mixed nuts & shrimps.
  • To reduce Rash, include Manganese in diet found in almonds & soya beans.
  • To reduce inflammation, dehydration of skin or burning sensation or eyes, include Vitamin B6 in diet, found in banana, mango & Brussels sprouts.
  • To remove itchiness & redness of skin, remove milk, dairy products & eggs from diet.




  • Use Face Washes to cleanse skin. One can choose a face wash according to skin type or personal liking.
  • Make sure you use the right Face Wash for your skin type and do not over use it.
  • When cleansing, do not forget your nose and neck otherwise they will become oily.
  • Always clean the skin before going to bed, otherwise skin may get blemishes.
  • Keep hair clean and off the skin, especially greasy hair this will avoid break outs in skin.
  • For dry skin use creamy cleansers & for oily skin use gel cleansers.


  • Skin is nourished with creams, oils and gels.
  • Do not slather on more product in the belief that it will work better. Good products are designed to be used in small quantity.
  • Always use separate day & night Creams. Day creams are designed to absorb quickly & not interfere with application of make-up. Night creams have more emollient & designed for bare skin.
  • Make sure you go to bed hydrated, so the skin gets a chance to heal itself.
  • Give right stroke and pressure while massaging with cream so that it gets absorbed.
  • Every skin type needs nourishing, use creams or gels with specific delivery system.


  • Help to seal in natural moisture of skin, lightly apply them on moist skin.
  • Always carry a sample size Moisturizer in your purse and apply it on feeling dry especially during travels.


Moisturizers and Sun Screens are used to protect skin from dry weather and harsh rays of Sun.


  • Skin is rejuvenated with a variety of Packs or Masks.
  • Do not slather on more product in the belief that it will work better. Good products are designed to be used in small quantity.
  • They deliver ingredients which soften and brighten skin, often firm up skin to give younger look.


  • Exfoliators are used to scrub skin to keep it smooth, vital and evenly coloured.
  • Exfoliators are made to suit different types of skin, they may be with clay or cream.
  • They help to remove dead cells and debris or polish skin.
  • Do not scrub hard and use small grained product. If needed use Toner or water while scrubbing.
  • Use Exfoliator once in 8 to 10 days.
  • If skin looks red or patchy you have gone too far.
  • Apply a light creamor moisturizer after exfoliation.
  • Newly exfoliated skin is more prone to sun damage. Apply Sun block if skin is to be exposed.


  • Modern formulated Sun Screens protect skin from both UVA/UVB rays of sun. They have different Sun Protection Factor, one can choose according to need & skin type. Afairer skin may need a Sun Screen with higher SPF.
  • When using a high SPF Sun Screen, apply it after moisturizer and let it soak before applying make-up.




  • PH balance gets easily disturbed & takes longer to come back to its level.
  • Neglected skin also becomes sensitive.
  • Penetration of products is quick on sensitive skin. Use products in small quantities & gradually. Go for a patch test.
  • Avoid astringents & harsh soaps.
  • Apply products on moist shin and avoid rubbing or heavy massage.
  • Do not take spicy & hot food, it worsens symptoms.
  • Avoid Sun rays; use a hat or an umbrella.
  • Never use hot water to clean the face, it will damage capillaries.

Oily/Thick/Large Pored Skin

  • Oily & thick skin holds extra lipid or fat. According to Ayurveda skin becomes Oily & thick due to unbalanced Kapha/ Biological dampness. Avoid mucus forming food.
  • Use stimulating & warming products.
  • Apply clay based pack to draw out deep impurities & oil.


  • Skin has uneven colour. Itbecomes pigmented when production of melanin (colour pigment) gets unbalanced.
  • Stress hormones may lead to blemishes and dark under eyes.
  • Nicely apply Anti Blemish/ Pigmentation Cream Twice a day.
  • Wear good Sun Screen to avoid further damage to skin.

Aging Skin

  • Skin ages when renewal of cells slows down, their shape also changes.
  • Safe guard aging skin, since it becomes thinner & drier.It needs extra moisture to avoid wrinkles.
  • Wrinkles are caused due to break down of collagen and elastin and loss of enzyme. Get an early start at using an Anti- Aging Cream.
  • Use a good Sun Screen to protect from Photo Aging.

Dry Skin

  • With dry skin, face looks dull, if not taken care of it may lead to cracks & rough texture. According To Ayurveda skin becomes dry due to unbalanced Vata/Biological wind. Avoid drying and astringent food.
  • Skin needs rich cream and moisturizer especially during winter.
  • Dry skin needs warming & nourishing products, use a good day cream & moisturizer.
  • Use a Sun Screen to protect from UVA/UVB rays of Sun.

Acne Skin

  • With Acne skin, face looks pinkish and inflamed. According to Ayurveda skin gets black heads or acne due to unbalanced Pitta/ Biological heat. Avoid acid forming food.
  • Prevent spread of Acne, use cooling & drying products.
  • Use a good face wash to avoid oiliness & infection.


  • Get your beauty sleep. Its best way to have a good health.
  • Give up smoking and avoid smoky environments.
  • Drink enough of water to keep well hydrated.
  • Use Soy proteins to keep skin smooth & firm.
  • Eat Papaya for enzyme, keep pores refined.
  • Use creams with CoQ10, a natural antioxidant.
  • Eat Vitamin C for brightening.
  • Eat fruits for rejuvenation of cells.
  • Drink white or green tea to delay aging.
  • In warm weather use oil free or matt products.
  • Always use Toner to freshen up.
  • Always use Toner to freshen up.
  • Try a product before you buy.
  • Properly blend make- up foundation.
  • Look fresh as a daisy, have a nice bath.
  • Go to professionals for shapely eye brows.
  • Prohibit powder on parched skin.
  • Use bananas and cucumbers for smooth skin.
  • Apply serum for instant glow.
  • Overcome itching with oats.
  • Drink wheat grass juice, loaded with vitamins.