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Possible Reasons Behind Your Weight Gain!

Health and fitness of the body is the most important thing to be cared about as a healthy body can be the home for a peaceful soul. The constant weight gain can deteriorate physical health which in turn affects the mind & the heart.

Many of us try to follow the right diet and still do not lose weight. Following reasons can be behind this problem

1. No exercise– A body with no regular exercise gains weight exceptionally. It is essential to give some physical work to the body. Just diet doesn’t bring you results. Taking in right food will increase the metabolic rate and not store fat. But the existing fat burns only when one exercises. It is essential to work at least 5 hours a week to get the shape you want.

A morning run or a dancing session can really help in weight loss. Make sure that it is done on a regular basis.

2. Too Many drinks– Drinking tea and coffee also helps in gaining weight. If you are eating good food but taking in lots of drinks, then you are actually balancing the calories and not losing any! It’s better to keep the food and the drinks in sync to lose weight. Limit the number of sugary drinks to have a healthier body.

3. Lack of sleep– Body is like a machine. We need to give it proper rest so as to make it function better. No work or no rest both make the body dull and lazy, which further helps in gaining weight. An 8 hours sleep is must for the body and some extra hours a few times won’t do any harm.

4. Skipping Food– Desperate desire to lose weight can sometimes make people skip meals. This is just not the right thing to do. It is essential to take proper meals or else the body starts storing everything as fat in the body.

5. Lower Amount of Proteins– Proteins are the building blocks of our body. Taking a low amount of protein will slow down the metabolism of the body which helps in fat storage. If you’re working on your diet, then make sure it has plenty of protein foods in it.

You can eat eggs, nuts and lentils & pulses for good amount for protein.

Remember slow & steady wins the race. Believe in consistent and not in speedy weight loss. Some tips for better weight loss are as follows

1. Drink more water. Stay hydrated. Sometimes the body is thirsty and we take it as hunger. 8 to 10 glasses of water is what the body really wants.

2. Take in more fruits & raw vegetables. These foods have more amount of fibre content which gives the tummy a feeling of satiation.

3. Give rest to the body. Sometimes being strict can be harmful. The body exercises better when it is charged up after a good resting time. Massage your body with natural essential oils to give you a pleasant & sound sleep.

4. Be happy & satisfied with the progress you make. Treating yourself with love is the most important thing. Encourage yourself to do more but without strict deadlines. Keep going and keep motivating yourself.

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