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6 natural Ingredients that harm your skin badly

6 natural Ingredients that harm your skin badly

Have you ever thought that natural ingredients can even harm you like hell? If not! Then think twice and before applying it on the face, and try a patch test on hand instead.
Before making your own skincare DIYs make sure to avoid some skin damaging natural ingredients.

If you somehow happened to tune to a large portion of the most effective skincare advice on the online, you’d clearly discover some ingredients that I mention below. Let’s check out some commonest natural ingredients that can harm the skin badly. 


  1. Undiluted Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been promoted as the sacred goal of DIY astringents. Many of the Youtubers claim that it clears the skin, blurs scars, age spots, and even removes moles and inflammation. 

No doubt, ACV has astounded properties which will profit the skin, like rebalancing of its pH when alkaline excessively increased on skin. In any case, remember that its pH is just under 3, so utilizing it undiluted will disturb your skin boundary and harm your skin very badly.

So, if you’re taking 1 tbsp. of ACV then mix the equal portion of water before the application. 

  1. Lemon 

Lemon is extremely much famous in lightening the scars of acne and pigmentation. Most of the people feel a bit sting and a few others get the benefit. 

You regularly hear that you simply should utilize lemon juice since vitamin C is beneficial for the skin, correct? But my dear, lemon doesn’t contain pure vitamin C.

It also contains furocoumarins (psoralens), synthetic properties also. The psoralens in lemons and limes can cause a phototoxic response on your skin when exposed to UV light, so psoralens respond such that it causes DNA harm within the skin cells, makes skin darker and damages the skin cells very badly. 

From next time if you would like to use lemon, try a skin test and do not expose yourself to sun after the application of raw ingredients.

  1. Cinnamon 

Cinnamon, widely popular spice and has been linked with many skin benefits and even lowers the risk for heart attack. But many of us who have applied cinnamon oil directly, they have experienced an extreme amount of burns and redness. 

Although it has many beneficial properties like antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, anti-bacterial but can give you a tingling sensation leading to irritation or redness. 

Before applying it on the skin just apply it on the hand and keep it for 5 min. and if it doesn’t react then u are ready to use it on the face. 

  1. Baking soda 

Baking soda is most liked ingredients by the Youtubers and Insta users to remove acne and dark spots, but does one know that bicarbonate of soda is 10 times more basic (it is very harsh on the skin) then your skin pH  

Although, it washes out all the bacteria from the skin but at the same time, it activates the skin cells that promote acne and infections. 

  1. Sugar/ Salt

Excess sugar is always bad, whether eating or exfoliating. Sugar and salt crystals are too harsh to be used and remember every harsh thing will disrupt the skin surface and help in activating the oil glands which promote acne and redness.

Everybody loves to add sugar in their diet but they forget the consequence of it.

You know! Sugar is an inflammatory food which can cause burning sensation inside the body and worsen the skin condition 5 times faster than you expect by activating the acne and infection cells. 

Do you know salt hikes the body temperature immediately resulting in many skin issues? It dries out your skin by stopping the formation of natural oil in the skin cells which in turn causes inflammation and harmful breakouts. 

Make it a habit to use a very minimum quantity of salt and sugar. 

Brown Sugar scrubs are great to use but before using it remember the patch test. And excessive of everything is always bad so keep this thing in mind and enjoy the other natural ingredients for skin.

  1. Breast Milk

In most of the high profile spas, breast milk facials have become a treating hike in treating acne and skin breakouts.

As per the bio, it contains lactic acid which is extremely useful for skin but do you know from where they are getting this milk.  

It’s a body liquid and after a time it invites bacteria and improper storage and transfer can cause many severe skin diseases like bacterial, fungal infection and allergy.

Do not follow the trend, just be natural and always opt for Ayurvedic products because they do not contain any harmful additives and offer you results without any side effect.

The Bottom Line 

While picking skin care products, we should always be extra cautious, since some of the natural substances are simply excessively brutal for our sensitive skin.

There are tons of brilliant common ingredients to settle on from, so there’s no got to follow those that are profoundly troublesome of your skin’s pH. 

Leave the mixing and testing of too many ingredients on your baby soft skin. Try only those things which are beneficial and avoid taking risks. Always do a patch test before using it.

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