Benefits Of Saffron
Blessing for skin, having anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties & full of antioxidants soothes skin & treats acne. Vitamins help to lighten skin tone & lends natural glow.
Berberis aristata
Major Ayurvedic plants contain numerous advantageous compounds specially berberis that treats acne & skin diseases.
Shea Butter
As the name defines itself, rich in the high concentration of fatty acids & inflammatory properties make it a perfect cosmetic ingredient that conditions the body & soothes the skin.
Jasmine Oil/ Extracts
Natural antiseptic properties great for sensitive skin. It helps in controlling oil & provides anti-ageing benefits.
Sweet Almond Oil
Lofty in Vitamin B, potassium, Vitamin C & inflammatory properties which aid skin circulation & promote elasticity. Miraculously reduce signs of ageing & puffiness of eyes.
Argan Oil
Argan oil is the Moroccan Liquid gold that nourishes dry skin & lightens ugly stretch marks. Effectively lessen acne scars & decreases the signs of ageing. Works as a natural hair conditioner & promotes hair growth.
Rama Tulsi
Rama Tulsi has a natural antiseptic nature & antioxidants present in it makes you look younger & smooth. Tulsi will disinfect the skin & prevent infections which cause pimples & acne.
Copious in antioxidant properties that reduce skin allergies. It’s a popular skin moisturizer that treats sensitive & dry skin.
SeaWeed Extracts
Overflowing in skin benefits that forcibly exfoliate dead skin & brightens skin tone. Deeply moisturizes the skin and helps in depleting wrinkles & fine lines. Anti-cellulite properties promote collagen & aids in the improvement of skin elasticity.
Amazing kitchen ingredients loaded with antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties lighten acne scars & heal wounds. Rich in Vitamin B6, B3, C & E reduces wrinkles, acne, tan & imparts radiant complexion.
Brown Sugar
Contains Nicotinamide, a derivative of Vitamin B3 helps retain moisture in the skin & reduce skin pigmentation by forcing melanin. Easily exfoliate the dead skin and softens the skin with less dryness. Melts fine lines & regenerate skin cells for young appearance.
Methi seeds, a well-known ingredient in the kitchen, filled with ample benefits. It is a blessing for hair. Reduce dandruff & itchiness of the scalp. Controls excess oil secretion in the scalp and prevents hair loss & strengthens the hair by reversing the damage.
It is used for centuries for treating digestion but the hidden advantage of cinnamon is that it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that heal skin disorders especially acne, eczema & dead skin. It improves skin complexion & keeps you hydrated & fresh.
Aloe Vera
घृतकुमारी, natural moisturizer that effectively heals dry & flaky skin. Vitamin A & C paired with antioxidants properties treat acne, breakouts, blemishes, sunburn, dark circles & Continuous application helps in reducing fine lines also.
Tea Tree
Boon for acne-prone skin. Full of antioxidants & inflammatory properties that fight against bacteria & controls sebum secretion & acne breakouts. Also beneficial in controlling dandruff & promoting hair growth.
Agar Agar
Soften & moisturises the skin, Binds other ingredients together. Rich in minerals to boost hair growth.
Amla (Gooseberry)
Rich in Vitamin C, extremely rich in antioxidants that keep hair follicles healthy & fight with the free radicals that help strengthen the hair shafts & prevent damage & split ends.
Rich in cooling abilities, decreases the level of oil secretion & fights against acne.
Rose Petal
Excellent sun blocker, natural sunscreen & soothes irritated skin & reduces redness.
Loaded with Anti-fungal properties that help in lightening scars, pigmentation and cure pimples & acne.
Lemon Peel Extracts
Lemon peel contains more vitamins than lemon juice. Really helps in melting wrinkles & treating acne. Effectively removes dead cells & promotes healthy tender skin.
Ginseng roots
Potent antioxidant that reduces inflammation & redness. Rapidly boosts collagen & lifespan of the skin cells to maintain skin elasticity & prevent the signs of ageing.
Tahitian Vanilla Extracts
Brimming with Inexhaustible qualities, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, sun protector, acne fighter & reverse skin damage caused by free radicals and promote healthy skin.
Multi Talented Rosehip effectively depletes the signs of ageing and minimize wrinkles & dark spots. Ample antioxidants reduces redness & inflammation too.
Damascena Rose Extracts
Mild Astringent properties to diminish open pores that contribute to a progressive decline of acne.
Green Tea
Possess a polyphenolic compound that has the efficiency to slow down the acne, irritation & having the most potency to reduce skin ageing.
Black Currant
Four times more prominent than oranges, helps in metabolizing protein to build collagen & provides smooth supple skin.
Best skin food skin, nourish, replenish & hydrate the skin deeply & boost’s skin immunity to combat with the environment free radicals.
Vibrant in improving skin complexion. It’s roots have anti-bacterial & anti-microbial properties that revive the skin & confer skin ailments.
Skin lightener, having beta-carotene enzymes that lessen the appearance of pigmentation, promote fair & clear skin.
Rice Bran
Potential in diminishing Pigmentation, reduce the appearance of fine lines and even out the skin texture.
Perfect cleaner sucks out all the dirt & impurities like a vacuum from the pores, controls oil secretion making it breathe.
Dragon Fruit
Crammed with Vitamin B3 soothe sunburn & provide instant relief. Anti-inflammatory properties protect the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays.
Passion Fruit
Filled with a variety of Vitamins that truncate the production of free radicals in the body to minimize the production of dead cells which cause ageing.
Comfrey Oil
Help to regenerate new skin cells & reduce inflammation. Foreshorten the effects of sun rays & protect skin from pollution.
Jojoba Oil | Repairs Skin Cells
Multipurpose superstar having antibacterial properties that fight acne & vitamins help to strengthen the skin cells & quenches the thirst of dry skin.
Avocado Oil | Omega 3 & Collagen Booster
Versatile in nature, a rich source of omega 3 & antioxidant property that boosts collagen & pumps the energy in each cell to look healthy, young and blemish free.
grapeseed oil hair-how to use grapeseed oil
Grapeseed Oil | Anti-bacterial & Hair polisher
Rich in flavonoids & anti-inflammatory properties, it softens the skin & improves elasticity. Omega 6 & fatty acids makes it an excellent substitute for hair conditioning.
Bergamot Essential Oil | Anti-Depressant
Get rid of that alleviate depression on the skin with Bergamot Essential Oil. Used as a mild sedative that acts by calming & soothing the nervous system.
Eucalyptus Essential Oil | Antiseptic
The pleasant refreshing oil packed with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe your skin from cuts and irritations.
Germanium Essential Oil | Cell Regenerator
Improve the health of skin cells and best known to effectively eliminate dead cells promoting the new & healthy skin.
Jasmine Essential Oil | Aphrodisiac
Rich in aromatherapeutic benefits that reduces depression & arouses your inner desires.
Lavender essential Oil- | Anti bacterial | Versatile Aromatherapist
Has the ability to lessen acne & inflammation. Aromatic essence calming down the nervous system and helps to treat alleviated anxiety which can seriously harm your mental as well as physical health.
Lemon Essential Oil | Vitamin C Booster
Boost your skin’s immunity with Inveda’s lemon Essential Oil helps to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections.
Lemon Grass Essential Oil | Antibacterial
Powerful aromatherapist for supporting your physical & emotional well being. Relieve all kinds of inflammation & fades blemishes.
Patchouli Essential Oil | Mood Harmonizer
An unmistakable aroma & multitude of therapeutic benefits that balance the emotions & promote radiant complexion.
Tea Tree Essential Oil | Anti Acne & Anti-Bacterial
Germ fighting properties make it an invaluable addition to acne-prone skin. It’s antibacterial properties fight against the oil glands and make your skin acne-free.
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil | Wound Healer
Unique alluring aroma that effectively heals the wounds 2 times faster.
Orange Essential Oil | Anti-Ageing
Incredibly versatile uplifting aroma helps to reduce the wrinkles by boosting collagen production.
Apple Cider Vinegar
Proficient comprehensive liquid treats acne, wrinkles, dark spots, heals sunburn & promotes faster hair growth.
Improves skin complexion, it's antioxidants & inflammatory properties lighten the dark spots & reduces swelling & puffiness of the skin.
Olive Extracts
Prevents premature signs of ageing. Contains Vitamin A, D, & E that fights cancer-causing rays if applied before exposing to the sun.
Bees Wax
Protective barrier between of skin from environmental toxicity. Supports cell reconstruction & best in healing wounds with skin nourishment.
Chironji Seeds
Skin whitening therapist, helps keep the skin look glowing & bright. Mild astringent properties also prevent zits & acne.
Potent antioxidants contain anthocyanin, which is boon to achieve youthful skin & bane for blackheads & fine lines.