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7 Amazing Benefits of AVOCADO, Best Skin Food


Most of the people don’t even know that Avocado was first cultivated in Central America and was called “ahuacatl”. Avocado encompasses a pear shape structure and takes 9 months to ripe. It’s brimmed with innumerable skin and health benefits.

Besides tasting great, Avocado has the potential to create a difference in the skin by making skin 10-5 years younger. Here are the unknown best benefits of Avocado which maybe you don’t know.

  1. Rich source of Minerals & Vitamins that maintain overall skin health

Avocado contains 20+ minerals & vitamins along with omega 3. Vitamins like Vit E. B, B6, B5, Vit C Potassium, Vit K, and Beta –carotene, Lycopene and lots of more. Consuming an avocado regulates the blood glucose, feeds the great bacteria and increases absorption rate 15 times than the other substances. It supports the overall health of the skin, boosts energy in every skin cell.

  1. Moisturizing Agent

Contains vitamin A, D, E and plenty of beneficial vitamins which are good in moisturizing. It deeply hydrates the dry skin and protects the skin from seasonal change. Avocado contains natural enzymes, offers soothing moisture and heals the dry skin.

  1. Strengthen skin barriers

Avocado contains fatty acids that include omega 6 and omega 3 which protect the skin from redness & infections. Omega 3 is so important to shield the skin’s lipid layer. So if you apply avocado for once, it strengthens the barriers for weeks from being infected.


Ingredients= Inveda Avocado Oil only


☘️Step1. Massage the skin twice a week with 5-6 drops of Avocado oil in an upward direction, for 5-10 min, leave it overnight or for an hour.

☘️Step2. Wash it off with lukewarm water

☘️Step3. Apply Inveda Healing Day cream to guard you all day.

  1. Combat Signs of Ageing

Vitamin E is the antidote for ageing and in Avocado, vitamin E is in an exceedingly rich quantity which helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It’s a soothing green colour is due to the presence of chlorophyll and chlorophyll is an antioxidant that protects the skin’s premature ageing. Moreover, it produces the collagen production, in results skin looks more supple and plump.

Include Inveda’s Avocado Scrub, once in a week to diminish fine lines and for more radiant skin.

  1. Best Sunscreen lotion you’ll ever have!

Avocado is one among the foremost potent oils that contain a high amount of antioxidants and sun-protective enzymes that protect the skin from harmful UVA/ UVB rays. Avocado oil act as a natural skin protector in the days. Out of all the sun-protective oils, Avocado has the utmost SPF coverage.

  1. Reduces puffy eyes & improves eye vision too!

Avocado is extremely valuable for eye wellbeing with its containing zeaxanthin and lutein. These two substances are significant in diminishing the indications of maturing and mitigating the harm.

Include ½ avocado daily in the diet to combat the decreasing eye sights.

  1. Marvellous Hair growth booster, strengthen hair strands too!

The avocado works great as a hair growth booster. It’s a fruit but most effective for hair too. It nourishes the dry scalp and provides much-needed moisture to hair strands to offer you natural long hair.


Hair Mask to strengthen hair roots

Ingredients required

½ Avocado (you can even take 2 tbsp. of Inveda’s Avocado Oil) + 1 egg white + 2 tbsp. honey


☘️Blend all the ingredients in a clean bowl with a fork,

☘️Apply the hair mask all over the hair from roots to tip,

☘️Leave it for 1 hour,

☘️Wash it off with Inveda, Shine & Hold Shampoo.

Avocado, Honey & Egg is rich in omega3, protein and moisturizing benefits which helps strengthen hair roots provide the most effective moisture and protect against split ends and heat damage. It’s nothing unexpected that you can discover Avocado in our products also. Since it’s such an outstanding source of omega 3 and vital nutrients, we’ve included it into our Avocado Scrub and Avocado essential oil.

A lot to know more, just reach us out @ inveda.in

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